Unionaire air conditioner 2.25 h cold and hot Artify

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Filters Filters: Air filter - Carbon filter - IONIC FILTER.

Golden Plasma Double Swing: a feature that allows air distribution in four directions for the first time right and left up and down.

Digital display: which shows the temperature of the room and the degree of cooling after operation, as well as any air conditioning faults.

It has four functions (cooling - heating - drying - ventilation).

Power supply for internal unit 220 volts / 1 won / 50 Hertz.

The compressor is a timer for three minutes to delay the restart of the compressor or heater in cases of error in reboot.

32% lower electricity consumption and higher cooling efficiency as the surface surface of the cooling unit is as large as possible.

An automatic fan that can be mounted according to the thermal load in the room with 3-speed control.

SLEEP property to gradually raise room temperature during sleep.

TIMER for 24 hours with the possibility of scheduling the operation and closing through the digital clock.

Wireless remote control appears on all instructions.

Filters of modern quality are easy to install and are durable and reuse

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